Brawny and Flap and the case of the shopping trolley mishap.

3. Brawny and Flap and the case of the shopping trolley mishap.

I hate shopping, it seems to come round too often. Each week I make a list and usually forget to take it. (Suffering grocery lists Brawny, it isn’t that weekly plod around the supermarket again is it? Afraid so Flap. Chronic allergies Brawny, you know I come out in a rash each time we go. I know Flap, but you will have to grin and bare it like I do. ‘Man it up’ as it says in the Super hero’s survival manual.) https://margaretkazblog.wordpress.com/blogs/ Continue reading


Brawny and Flap the back seat drivers.   

As I put on my seatbelt and turn the car on I hear mutterings from the backseat. (Brawny are we going very far as I have a nasty feeling something is going to happen. Relax Flap; we are in the hands of a confident driver.)With the neighbours hedge restricting my view I reverse carefully out of the driveway. (Screeching tyres Brawny, she is going to hit the cat! Flap, the cat is on the fence so I don’t think that is a possibility.)   Once done I drive to the main road, (Speeding gas Brawny it’s 30 miles an hour here, what does it say on the speedometer? Flap we are only doing 28.)

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