Fat is the new slim.mug with victoria sponge.

I wouldn’t say that I am of a petite nature, although my bone structure begs to differ in this matter, along with my neck, back and knees. If I did not eat cake and chocolate so much then my true petiteness would shine through. There would also be fewer aches and pains.

In my head I am slim, with firm buttocks, and breasts that state they have a place sitting proud in their position. In reality my middle age spread looms downwards with the weight of excess fat. My bottom sags, my boobs refuse to sit tall, and instead flop down on top of my belly. Not a nice picture. That is why I uploaded a picture of a lovely piece of Victoria sponge and a mug awaiting a delicious portion of coffee.

That vision seemed more attractive than the real me!

However, I am attractive, and I deny anyone to tell me otherwise. I have a scorching sense of humour, bags of life stories to entertain my friends with, and will hug anyone who allows me too. I am sensitive, loving, caring and protective. These to me are attractive qualities, which have been moulded by life’s experiences. The fat that others see contributes only towards my clumsiness.

In my mind’s eye I can slip through that narrow gap. I can squeeze into a size 14 dress and look fabulous. I can have another chocolate bar and not put on an extra pound or two.

When I look at a person for the first time I centre my gaze on their eyes, not the size of their frame. The eyes are the most wonderful teller of stories and millions of pictures have been captured by them.

sunset for blog

Dawns and sunsets have been lived through those eyes.

Joys and sorrows witnessed.

Births and deaths embraced.

External and internal battles won and lost.

It is the eyes that judge. The looking that decides friend, foe or acquaintance. Repulsion, rejection or acceptance.

Perhaps we need to stand back before making that instant decision. Look at the person as though they were a cup of coffee. I absolutely love the smell of coffee. If we drink in the aroma we might find out that the person standing in front of us is very balanced, perhaps a bit complex with chocolaty overtones or perhaps mild and earthy with a hint of sweetness.

As for me I like the idea of being richly intense with a nutty flavour that leaves a pleasant after taste.

If we looked with cinematic eyes perhaps we could photo shop our views of other people by seeing that Fat is the new Slim. We could learn to understand that there might be any number of reasons why a person is not a size 6.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could see that life’s experiences are the new chocolate, milk and dark, with/without nuts or raisins, mint, orange, delicately fragrant. That they are full to overflowing with millions of pictures that make everyone different and acceptable for whom they really are.

We are all wonderful people and each one unique.

Go on have a bite of chocolate, you know you want to.


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