Brawny and Flap cruising

Brawny and Flap cruising. – Challenge given by Bonsai

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“What do you mean you have lost my luggage?” the lounge singer yelled at the bell boy. “Find it immediately. It can’t have walked off.”

The young man shuffled on the spot, embarrassed at being told off in public. He was just the messenger after all.

“This is disastrous. My costumes! Well what are you waiting for, stop staring at me boy and start searching.”

“Missing suitcases Brawny, we have a situation.”

“Indeed we do Flap. I suggest we start investigating immediately.”

As Danny began to turn away from the distraught entertainer, he bumps into Lady Portland. The jolt causes her to trip over her enormously long shawl and disappears over the side of the ship.

“Flying dames Brawny, there’s a woman overboard!”

“Quick Flap, she needs a life buoy.”

“Mummy, darling.” Screams a distraught newly married groom as he and his wife watch in horror.

Horace Portland climbs over the railings and precariously jumps into the sea to save his mother.

“Crazy rescues Brawny I think we have our life buoy.”

“That wasn’t quite what I was thinking Flap.”

Danny, having picked himself up from the deck, rushes to the nearest life preserver and throws it seaward.

“The best place he can be – up the river without a paddle!” mutters Horace’s ex mother-in-law.  “Darling, you are better off without him.”  She quips to the new Mrs Portland while stroking her two pet salamanders.

Hurt by the comment Lydia Portland stares at the creatures, “You are as ugly as your reptiles, ma’am.”

“Gross toenails Brawny, I think the lady has a point, those amphibians need a manicure.”

“Um, fortunately Flap that is not in our repertoire of heroic deeds. We must instead return to our first mission, which was finding the missing luggage.”

“Biff, baff, boff Brawny, I do believe you are right.”


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